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Unity Connection UM Service

                   Recently installed Unity Connection. UM notification had been working. Users received email notification of voicemails. The function stopped working the other day. Verified that user account to exchange server had not been locked out. Test to exchange server does not pass.
Are there other diagnostic tools to verify that UM service is functioning?


Unity Connection UM Service

You best option is to look at the traces as indicated in Unity connection Troubleshooting guide.

SMTP Message Notification Is Not Working at All for Multiple Users

If SMTP notifications are not working, in Cisco Unity Connection  Administration, check the System Settings > SMTP Configuration >  Smart Host page to confirm that a smart host is configured. To enable  Connection to send text message notifications by using SMTP, your  Connection server must be configured to relay messages through a smart  host.

If a smart host is already configured on the Smart Host page, note the  IP address or host name of the smart host and check to make sure that  this smart host is configured to accept messages from the Connection  server.

If the smart host settings are configured correctly, you can use traces  to track whether the SMTP notification messages are being sent by the  Connection server. The default SMTP micro traces (levels 10, 11, 12 and  13) indicate if there is a permanent problem with delivery of a  notification message to the smart host. The SMTP micro trace level 18  (Network Messages) shows the details if the notification message is  delivered to the smart host. For detailed instructions on enabling and  collecting diagnostic traces, see the "Diagnostic Traces in Cisco Unity Connection 8.x" chapter.

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