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unity connections routing

I have sip integration with connections server and when i forward the call on NA  condition, i am being asked to input the extension instead of routing to my voice mail. Any idea what the issue coud be?


Re: unity connections routing


This mean that you phone isn't having a voice mail profile

Try calling the voice mail pilot from your phone and confirm you create a mailbox for that user


wish this be helpful

Re: unity connections routing


Your VM call is not integrating and you are getting what is called "open trees".

This can be caused by a few things.  Here are some common ones:

1. Mismatch between end userextension(s) and the redirect number information in the call setup from CUCM to CUC.  Basically, when you created the end user in CUC you assigned an extension to the subscriber.  You also assigned an extension in CUCM on the phone line that is forwarding to voicemail.  Further, you assigned a Voicemail Profile and in that profile you put a mask.  Look at the directory number on the line and then look at the VM profile mask.  Determine what the number would be after applying the mask.  Now, check to see if that number matches either the CUC user's primary or alternate extensions.  If it does not, then that is your issues.   Example:


  • Line_A:
    • DN: 51234
    • VM Profile: myvm

Profile myvm:

  • Mask 202555XXXX

CUC mailbox user:

  • Extension: 51234

In the example above, your call would not integrate  because after you apply the mask specified by "myvm" profile to the Line_A DN 51234, you are sending 2025551234 to the CUC system as the original called party.  CUC can't identify the mailbox because the CUC extension is 51234.

2.  Call routing rules.  Also check your call routing rules.  If you have tried to add callhandlers, directory handlers, etc. and have played with routing rules then you want to check to make sure that you do not have a conflict.  Go to the Call Routing Rules configuration Unity Connection and check the Forwarding Rules.  See if you have any rules in front of the "Attempt Forward" routing rule that has the same matching critera (and therefore overrides) the Attempt Forward rule.

3. (SIP integration) When integrating with SIP, you should ensure that you have checked the "Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery" under the Inbound section of the SIP trunk configurations.  Also check the "Redirecting Diversion Header Delivery" under the outbound section fo the SIP trunk config.

There are some other settings to check with SIP and I recommend that if one of the above doesn't help you that you take a look at the following resource:



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