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Unity design question

I have a Unity install that was poorly designed. The Exchange message store and the Exchange Partner server are logically not very close to Unity. As a result users will occasionally get delays when checking messages over the phone.

We are planning to redesign the Unity/Exchange integration and change physical location of these servers however in the meanwhile what can I do to prioritize this traffic?

Has anyone done this before? Can I simply prioritize the traffic between Unity and the message store, or would I need to prioritize the traffic between Unity and the exchange partner server?

I guess I don't understand the traffic flow for streaming audio from the Exchange message store to the handset while users are listening to messages thru the phone.


Re: Unity design question

Hi Robert,

Unity design guide says that a LAB connection is required between Unity and Exchange and that Unity and the partner Exchange must be on the same segment.

This document will help you with this task; check page 14 ;)

--> Network and Infrastructure Considerations:

Hope this helps!

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