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Unity downgrade

I have a customer running unity 4.04 as UM with domino.

The customer is migrating from domino to exchnage and does not want to upgrade the unity version (dont ask...)

what are the options here,

can they use their domino UM licence and rebuild the box integrating with exchange?


can they downgrade unity to VM only with out rebuilding,

if they have to rebuild will a DIRT backup work ?



Re: Unity downgrade

You can use DIRT to back and restore to same versions only.  You can not use DIRT to go from say 4.04 to 5.01. 

As for the licenses, Im not sure.  If they want to go back to what they had, Im sure its fine.  Unity does not care which "UM" product you are using.   If you have UM licenses, you can use either.  If you are running UM and want to downgrade to voicemail, you will need to supply your own message store.  Cisco does not include a message store in the pricing structure of licensing.

Basically, you have Subcribers licenses and Ports for Unity 4.x, you can use any version you want.  (also Unified Messaging license).    The different in the licensing for UM and VM is the price per subscriber and a little "tick" in the license manager of Unity.

Make sense? or did I complete get it wrong? 

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Re: Unity downgrade

ok so I can use the UM licence they have and use it with exchange instead of domino.

If I run a DIRT backup now (with domino integration) then rebuild the box with exchange or VM only this will not work??

Re: Unity downgrade

You can use DIRT to go from Domino to Exchange and vice versa.  It will not do the voice messages though.

  DIRT backup 4.04, then restore to 4.04 integrated into Exchange.  It will autocreate the accounts if the accounts are NOT created, or you can create an alias mapping.

You can check out the alias mapping on the restore of DIRT settings here.

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Re: Unity downgrade

thanks for the info. Is there a doc that confirms this?

Re: Unity downgrade

Sorry, I goofed.  I was thinking of COBRAS.  If you had Unity 4.05, you could use Cobras.    You will need reinstall everything or basically rebuild the system.  But if the customer wants to upgrade to 4.05, then you can use COBRAS backup Unity from Domino and restore to Exchange.   Cobras will hang on to the alias, which is what the key is in Unity.

Says you cant with DIRT.  Basically, you can export, but can not import because of DUCS.


Requirements/Special Notes

The restore has been tested on Windows 2000 and  2003 server, Windows XP and Windows Vista.  Note that with Vista you will need to run the application with the “as  administrator” option so it can create local WAV files on the file system and such.

All COBRAS applications are 32 bit and will require  the 32 bit version of the IBM Informix ODBC Drivers to be installed.  If you’re running COBRAS Import for Connection on a 64 bit OS such as Vista 64 or Windows 2008 you need to  be sure to install the 32 bit database drivers and not the 64 bit version.  More details can be found on the IBM  Informix ODBC Driver page.

Restore is supported on Unity 4.0(5), 4.1, 4.2,  5.0, 7.0 and 8.0 with Exchange as the back end. No support is planned for import into  any version of Unity with Domino as the back end given limitations imposed  by IBM on the DUC interface.  Export from system connected to Domino is supported, however.

Re: Unity downgrade

You may not want to hear this but, in the interest of your time and workload, as well as your customer - you really need to push for an upgrade to Unity 7x or a migration to Unity Connection 7x.  You're asking for issues keeping the customer on an unsupported platform.  You will (highly likely) run into issues during the rebuild and restore process with limited TAC support.  What is the reasoning behind your customer being reluctant to upgrade versions?  This is strange to me...particularly if they are moving from Domino to Exchange.


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