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unity express 2.3 set operator busy message


I've seen this setup before but don't know how to implement it, hoping someone here can set me on the right path.

When the operator is on a call and a second phone call comes in we would like that person to hear the auto attendant say that the operator is busy would you like to leave a message or wait. Press this or that.

Anyone, anyone?

thx in advance

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Re: unity express 2.3 set operator busy message

You mean when you zero out from an CUE auto attendant and get transferred to the operator? If the CUE transfers to a busy extension (i.e. one with no call forward busy and no multiple lines where the called party will hear call waiting) then it will pull back the call. To then give the caller the option to leave a message or wait for some fixed amount of time, that would require a custom script in CUE.

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Re: unity express 2.3 set operator busy message

no exactly. I mean when someone calls the office they go to the operator/front desk/receptionist. If that person is busy i want them to here a message stating that the receptionist is busy and offer them the option of leaving a message or waiting on hold until the operator is free.

I'm unfortunately not a cisco admin, but have inherited this chore.

Since you may be an official Cisco rep, my question to you is:

Where can I download the script editor?

If there was an installation CD with our equipment it is lost. I would like to review the scripts that are already in place and see if I just need to re-enable one or create the custom one you suggest. Thanks for any and all help.

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