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Unity Express Greeting Length


a customer wants to increase the greeting length recording time from 15 seconds up to 2 or 3 Minutes. At the moment i couldn't check the recording time is really 15 seconds.

Is there a CLI-Command or something in the GUI that i could change?

I hope someone can help...

Thanks a lot


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Re: Unity Express Greeting Length

Hi Christian,

Here is the info for CUE;

Configuring System-Wide Mailbox Default Values

The following system-wide parameters are configurable for all new voice mailboxes. These values are assigned automatically to a new voice mailbox. Several of these values have factory default values.

Capacity The total amount of storage time in hours allowed for all mailboxes in the system. The factory default is the maximum allowed storage for your system.

Expiration date The number of days a message is saved in the mailbox. When the user logs in to the voice mailbox, the user hears a message listing all the expired messages. The user can save, skip, or delete each message. The factory default value is 30 days.

Language The language used for voice-mail prompts. In Release 2.0, U.S. English, European French, German, and European Spanish are the available languages. The default value is determined by the language package installed, and cannot be changed using the CLI commands.

Mailbox size The maximum number of seconds of storage for voice messages in a mailbox. The factory default value is determined by dividing the maximum storage capacity by the maximum number of mailboxes (personal plus general delivery).

Message length The maximum number of seconds for any one stored message in a mailbox. The factory default is 60 seconds.

***Recording time The maximum amount of time for a user's recorded mailbox greeting.

Operator extension The extension of the voice-mail operator.

1. config t

2. voicemail capacity time minutes

3. voicemail defaults {expiration days | language | mailboxsize mailboxsize-seconds |

messagesize messagesize-seconds}

4. voicemail operator telephone tel-number

5. voicemail recording time minutes

6. exit

7. copy running-config startup-config

Hope this helps!


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Re: Unity Express Greeting Length

Hello Rob,

thanks for you reply. The "voicemail recording time" is set to 60. I thought that it is given in second and not in minutes. Is there a limit? And what is the default for this?



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