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Unity express importing users from CME

     I am running      CME version 9 I have the Unity express version 8.6. When I added phones to CME i had name Mickey Mouse.,, on the ephone I had username "MMouse"

when I sync from Unity express,  and I look at the user and mailbox the first name is blanc and last name is MMOuse. When it should be firstname Mickey lastname Mouse

Any one seen this or what is the issue?   

Here is a sample ephone and ephone-dn

ephone-dn 10 octo-line

number XXXXXX

label Mickey Mouse - XXXXXX

name Mickey Mouse

allow watch

call-forward busy 267599

call-forward noan 267599 timeout 20

ephone 10

device-security-mode none

description Mickey Mouse

mac-address 1234.5678.1234

username "MMouse" password 12345

type 7945

button 1:10

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