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Unity failoverconfig.exe ?

For Unity 4.1(2) do the servers FailoverConfig.exe need to be on the same L2 network, or can they on separate vlans on the same 6509?

The requirements don?t say anything about same L2.


Re: Unity failoverconfig.exe ?

There are two types of failover available with Cisco Unity.

Both types require access to the same messaging systems and messaging infrastructure components.

There is local failover, in which both the primary and secondary failover servers are co-located in the same physical site as the messaging system they service.

There is also remote failover, where the primary and secondary failover servers are located in separate physical sites.

In a remote failover configuration, the network connectivity should be no less than 100 Mbps between the sites, and the messaging systems and messaging infrastructure components must be accessible by both Cisco Unity servers. (Note that messaging infrastructure components include domain controllers and/or directory servers, global catalog servers, and name resolution hosts.)

Regardless if your network connectivity bandwidth is at or greater than 100 Mbps, the response time between the Cisco Unity server and the Exchange servers it is connected to should be no more than a 40-millisecond round trip delay in order for Cisco Unity to service subscriber TUI requests normally.

So there should be no problem having Unity servers in different VLANs.

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