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Unity for Exchange User

We have customer have 700 users, they need 100 user exchange intergation voice mail and other 600 user normal voice mail, in cisco configuration tool for unity user I am able to see only for exchange user alone, I am not able to fins option for normal user voicemail.

Please light me how to get seprate licence for normal voicemail in unity 7


Re: Unity for Exchange User

There is no longer any real distinction between voicemail only and UM in Unity.  This stopped after version 4x.  If you need a pure VMO or Integrated Messaging (or mixed) environment, that's the Connection product.  Unity is UM but you can still set up a user with VMO, if needed.  If requires a separate mailbox than the user's normal account (typical).  So, if you have John and Jane Doe.  John needs UM and Jane needs VMO.  In Unity, you would set John's email alias as his corporate account (ex: JDoe).  For Jane, you would create a separate mailbox (ex: vmJDoe).  Jane doesn't need to know this mailbox exists from an Exchange perspective.  Associate that alias to her Unity account and provide her primary extension and you have mixed-mode Unity environment.

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