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unity licensing/outside calls

I was told when we first setup out IPT that to receive outside calls the phone would need to have a Unity license. Is this correct? If not can someone tell me the work around for this. I think it is sort of silly to pay for Unity licenses for phones that do not need VM(ex.conference phones, service lines)


Re: unity licensing/outside calls

That is not correct.

With CCM 4.x you buy a per phone license (150$ list on 7941/61/60/40 etc, 7905/11/12 etc 80$ list).

With CCM 5.x you buy a DLU (Device license Unity). Each phone requires X amount of licenses. For ex: 7941/61/70/60/71 etc consumes 4 DLUs. 7905/02/11/12 consumes 2 DLUs. To add a 100 7940 phone you would need 400 DLUs purchased.

Unity licensing is separate from phone licensing. Per User that requires voicemail you will need to buy a licenses for either VM or UM depending upon your Unity configuration. Unity also requires X amount of ports (16,32,72,96,144) etc. This is a sepparate license that you buy as well.

Outside calls reaching a phone has nothing to do with phone licensing or Unity licensing.



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Re: unity licensing/outside calls

ok i understand that for the most part. I am running 4.x and when we purchase the phones we get the phone license with it. However what i would like to do is not use a unity license for out conference phones and have them just ring directly. Is it possible for you to guide me as to where i can learn how to set this up? thanks


Re: unity licensing/outside calls

Well, with Unity you dont need a license for every phone in the system. The 2 primary Licensing aspects of Unity is:

1. Port License, which is used to decide how many concurrent calls Unity would take.

2. Mailbox, this is only for the Users who use a VoiceMail. So if you have phones which dont use VM, then you dont need a Subscriber license for it. Port license, it again depends on how busy the system is.

Also, if you want the call to hit a Conference phone directly, then I dont see why you would need a Unity related license if Unity is not even in the picture.

Hope this helps.

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