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Unity System Transfer Busy Hangup


Our system is CUCM5 with Unity5. We use system transfer to numbers that do not exist in Unity. However, when the lines are busy, the system tranfer hangs up the call right away, instead of sending back a busy signal, which is what I expect. When I call directly from a phone, I can hear the busy tone. So it must be something wrong on Unity.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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Re: Unity System Transfer Busy Hangup

Hi Soup,

I would look at this setting in Unity;

Transfer Type

Select how Cisco Unity transfers calls:

Release to Switch-Cisco Unity puts the caller on hold, dials the extension, and releases the call to the phone system. When the line is busy or is not answered, the phone system-not Cisco Unity-forwards the call to the subscriber or handler greeting. This transfer type allows Cisco Unity to process incoming calls more quickly. Use Release to Switch only when call forwarding is enabled on the subscriber extension.

Supervise Transfer-Cisco Unity acts as a receptionist, handling the transfer. If the line is busy or the call is not answered, Cisco Unity-not the phone system-forwards the call to the subscriber or handler greeting. Use Supervise Transfer only when the number of rings before forwarding (or the time to wait before forwarding) on the phone system is set to more than the number of rings (or time to wait) that Cisco Unity supervises the call.

The Transfer Type option is unavailable when Transfer Incoming Calls is set to the No (Send Directly) option.

Transfer options apply only to indirect calls; they do not apply when an outside caller or another subscriber dials a subscriber extension directly.

Default: Release to Switch.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Unity System Transfer Busy Hangup

Hi, Rob,

Thanks for your reply.

I understand the transfer type by Unity. The point here is that I am using System Transfer to make the call from Unity to outside. 'System Transfer' is not a either a subscriber or call handler, and I could not find anywhere I can control the transfer type of it.

Any idea?


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Re: Unity System Transfer Busy Hangup

Hey Soup,

My bad! I see what you mean here, as this is referenced under the System Transfer config on Unity;

"Note: Regardless of how you offer callers either type of system transfer, Cisco Unity releases calls to the phone system, which handles the transfer to the specified number."

I can't see this being a problem with Unity if it has released the call to CUCM for completion.

I wish I had an answer for you, but I thought I would at least follow up with this for now. I will keep working on this :)



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Re: Unity System Transfer Busy Hangup

Thanks Rob,

I thought it was a release-to-switch style transfer. However, if directly dial from an IP phone to the destination phone which is busy, I can get a busy tone. Why I could not get the same thing from Unity? I would assume in Unity, it detects a busy signal before releasing the call and simply hangs up. I can recall it is not the case in Unity Connection that I implemented long time ago.


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Re: Unity System Transfer Busy Hangup

I also have this problem with 5.0(1)

If you put in test call and then check event viewer, then you will probably see the following entry :

Event Type: Warning

Event Source: CiscoUnity_TSP

Event Category: None

Event ID: 109

Date: 3/5/2009

Time: 2:35:59 PM

User: N/A

Computer: [removed]


Cisco Unity-SCCP TSP device 6 (Cisco Unity port 2): Failed blind transfer to [removed]. Busy tone detected.

If this is a persistent problem, it may indicate a problem on the Cisco Unity and/or CUCM servers. Verify that transfers are working.

I am going to try logging this as a TAC case, but I don't know the likely outcome of this. I am going to try and verify this functionality on a different version of Unity - but that's going to be difficult. Is anyone else able to verify how this behaves in a different version ?

Have you got any further with it ?

Suggest you try logging as a fault also, as I don't think it's a config issue.

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