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unity voice mail access


i have a request where the following is needed.

IP phones/ unity subsrcibers with extension 3xxx want to dial 23xxx and access the mailbox 3xxx with a password.

for example: if user with extension 3000 calls 23002, the user should be prompted for the password of 23002 but in my case i was only able to access 3000 mailbox (becaus unity looks at the calling number).

is this feasible and how please advice.

Good day

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Re: unity voice mail access

sorry it is unity express, not unity.

CUE with CME

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Re: unity voice mail access

You can try configuring these mailboxes as general delivery mailboxes, which is associated with a group as opposed to an individual user. In most respects, it works just like an individual mailbox, except that multiple people (all members of the group) have access to the mailbox. Also, you cannot log into a general delivery mailbox itself, because no PIN is associated with it. Members of the group log into their personal mailboxes first (where system authentication occurs), and then press 9 from the mailbox menu to gain entry to all GDMs they have access to.

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