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Unity Voice Mail Setup


Need some help understanding how Unity and the voice mail profile interact?

When you create the voice mail profile you assign directory numbers to the hunt pilot. How does this work, in the Config you do not specify the IP address of the Unity. Does Unity work like a normal phone and register with call manager using skinny hence call manager know which lines are assigned to the unity?

Also how does the interaction work when a phone forwards to voice mail, does this mean that call manager uses the phones source number and the destination address is the hunt pilot number, hence when the call arrives it is flagged as a forward call from the phone to voice mail. Unity then looks up the directory of this number to allow it to leave a message. So what is the actual voice mail port numbers created used for, is it

Simply to allow a logical RTP channel to be setup to me these numbers do not seam to be needed for the association to the voice mail, is it purely for licensing and the way it is setup.

If anyone could please give a detail on how the association works between the voice mail pilot, individual voice mail ports assigned to the pilot and how the actual skinny protocol interaction works between the two.

I need to really would like a detail, hope some one on this forum can help.



CCIE 3906

New Member

Re: Unity Voice Mail Setup

Unity does act like a phone is some since. In Unity you will notice that you give the ports a name. Also in callmanager you give the voice mail ports a name. This is how they know how to register with callmanager. This is done in the SCCP protocal.

As far as when a phone forwards to voice mail I think you are thinking more of switching and routing. The call hits a voice mail pilot and then finds the first non busy voice mail port. Unity has a rule that when it gets a forwarded number it attempts to login to that numbers voice mail box.

The voice mail ports are needed because in reality you are using a hunt pilot to get to Unity and a hunt pilot needs numbers to hunt through.

I hope this helps you out. Any other questions or clarity please post.

New Member

Re: Unity Voice Mail Setup

I think I understand this now, this is why the unity config says that the number is not important it is the name of the port, so this is what is used to register to CM, I understand this now.

Now the hunt pilot is setup for the hunt list of the various directory voice mail port numbers to use.

Now when the call is forwarded to voice mail what is the calling and called number from CM to unity. Is the called number the voice mail port humber and the calling number the phone that forwared or is the called number the voice port nunber the calling number the number of the user and the skinny indicates the forwarding phone number to allow unity to know which voice mail port to link the message to.

When a user dials direct into the voice mail is this the calling number of the phone the called number is the pilot when the call manager recieves the call it then sends a skinny to unity with the calling number of the phone and the called number of the voice mail port. Unity knows this is a direct call and plays the user voice mail login to hear their messages.

Hope I am making sense, this area is all new to me and I am slowly putting the puzzle together.



Re: Unity Voice Mail Setup

The default VM profile on CCM, and default behavior is when the call is fwd'd to unity it uses the original called party number. This default behavior makes sense, because lets say someone had called your phone # and your phone forwards to your co-worker, etc then goes to VM after trying 2 or 3 other phones. The person originally called YOUR number so they would want to leave a message for you, not someone else ideally.

You can make custom VM profile so a device/DN set for that other VM profile always goes to VM and uses the number mask set on the VM Profile. This could be useful if you want calls to a certain # to always to go to same place in unity.

There are several ways to handle above though, as you can set up call routing rules on unity side to adjust where calls end up going.

You can load up the Unity call viewer tool on the unity server (Start -> Program Files -> Unity -> Call Viewer) and then place calls and watch calls come into unity and see how they come into unity as. This tool shows if the call was a direct call, a forwarded call, the calling party number, called number, fwd reason, etc. Watching a couple calls may help you understand how the calls work better.

HTH, Erick

New Member

Re: Unity Voice Mail Setup

Thanks for that.

My problem is that I am studying and do not have access to these call manager and unity to make life easier. I wish Cisco offered some cut down versions to allow people wanting to learn these.

Can you give me a simple example?

Example 1

1. Caller a calls party b.

2. Party b set to forward to voice mail pilot.

3. CM sends call to unity via skinny calling party is b and called party is voice mail port number 1. The call indicates this is forwarded call in the skinny packet.

4. Unity looks up the skinny call setup and checks this is a forward call from party b so it plays the greeting message instead of the users voice mailbox.

Example 2.

1. User b dials the voice mail pilot number

2. Call manager sends skinny to call manager calling party user b called party voice mail port 1 with the skinny indicating this is a direct call.

3. Call manager detects this and plays introduction mailbox for user b because it knows his voice mail number setup.

Are the two above examples correct, if you could please clarify the exact numbers?

Apologies if I sound basic but these fundamentals are important for me to be clear as to how the skinny actually works.