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unity voicemail password expire warning

Unity 4.1 environment,  user requested the following: when voice mail passwords expire there is no warning given several days in advance, this makes it very hard to think on the spot of a new voice mail password. user requested if is there any chance providing a 4-5 day warning message that the voicemail password is about to expire, and allow sufficient time to think of a new password?

I did some research here but did not find associated information.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: unity voicemail password expire warning

Any clue for this will be appreciated!

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unity voicemail password expire warning

Unity Connection 8 adds the ability to notify users upon login of the user that their PIN will expire.  However, in my opinion, it should offer to change your PIN at that point or at least tell you how to change it. Are changes to the PIN change reminder conversation possible?

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