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UnityConnection MWI in SRST - Please Help

UnityConnection MWI in SRST - Please Help

Hi all:
Can some one Please help me to resolve this issue.

I have configured Unity connection to work in SRST, it is woking okay, but the MWI is NOT working when in SRST.

Can some one please direct me how I can get this thing working in SRST.

My CCM Version: 7.0.1

Unity connection: 7.0

Some info on how I configured  for your details. Your help would me much appreciated

1) PT_VM

2) CSS_VM -----> PT_VM

                  ------> PT_Internal

3) All voice mail ports are using the the above PT and CSS

4) Voicemail pilot 6000 in the CSS_VM

5) MWI on and off are in the PT_VM and CSS_VM

6) Hunt pilot 6000 in the PT_Internal partition ( Hunt list---- line group----- all voice mail ports )

7) In SRST


  voicemail 6000

  call-froward busy 6000

  call-forward noan 6000 timeout 10

  mwi relay

8) dial-peer voice  10

    destination-pattern 6000

    port 0/0/0:23

    prefix 12894146   --------------> where it should come to my main office for voice mail pilot though PSTN

these are the steps I did in order to make it work in SRST, it is working prefectly with out the MWI.

Can some one kindly direct me the steps to do so that I can make the MWI to work in SRST.

I would much Appreciated for your help


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