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Universial Device Template Tokens

I'm creating my UDT's for a 10.5 deployment.  I want the description to be #FirstName# #LastName# #TelephoneNumber# on telephone number doesn't seem to be a valid entry.  I have also tried  telephone Telephone telephoneNumber DirectoryNumber DN all to no avail.  Where do I find a list of valid tokens?  


 The box that you are editing


The box that you are editing has a option to click which displays the tokens you can add.


From what I have seen you can only add telephone number token to the line not device such as the description of the line.

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Even using the little pencil

Even using the little pencil icon to pop the choice on the line, there is no option for telephone number.  The point is, since the default template has tokens that aren't listed in the "choose on of these" menu, there has to be a list somewhere of what are valid tokens to add.

I have given up on the Self Provisioning as I am not able to configure the phones in the same manner as I would using BAT and device templates.  I like the idea, it just isn't fully functional yet.

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I have the same question

I have the same question about that. It would be great to have a listing of tokens supported.

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The field for adding the

The field for adding the primary extension is #PrimaryExtension# which was a selectable field in CUCM v9, but seems to have disappeared from CUCMv10. However, in v10 this variable can be hand-typed and works just fine.


As for a list of valid tokens, I am also on the hunt for this. Given that these are simple tags it would seem and easy thing for Cisco to provide.

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