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unlocking a 7921 keypad?

Can the keypad be unlocked while phone is ringing or on an active call. I have the need to send DTMF tones after answering a call. If I unlock the keypad before a call comes in I can send DTMF.


Re: unlocking a 7921 keypad?

According to the 7921 documentation, the keypad is temporarily disabled when you have an incoming call. Are you experiencing this behavior on all 7921s?


•Auto lock is enabled only when the phone is idle and at the main screen.

•The keypad lock is temporarily disabled when you have an incoming call.

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Re: unlocking a 7921 keypad?

The key word in the Cisco doc is temporaily unlocked. I have an application where I need to permannetly unlock the keypad during ring in or after the call is answered so that the user can enter a code using the keypad (send DTMF) to device that called. If the keypad is locked and the call is answered...entering a code on the keypad does nothing because it is locked. If the keypad is unlocked before the call comes in the user can enter the code and DTMF is sent and everything works. If you know if there is a way to unlock the keypad after answering the phone let me know. Thanks

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