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Unregistered IP Phones

I have an issue arises one week ago:

Our Custome Running a Network with VOIP CCM version 7.1 the problems happened when a corruption in the routing table of the EIGRP happened so all the IP phone have to unregistered from the call manager then registered again when the problem solved we are running about 9500 IP phones with about more than 290 branch offices about 8000 got registered to the call manager with no problem and about 1500 stuck in as Unregistered,Although we have fixed the problem in the routing table and restart the whole cluster ( 7 Servers Distributed Model with the some branches register in the servers in the HQ)

We have test everything on the side of the call manager we have all service running no problem at all we have checked the databasecpu processing,logs,alarms network connectivity and kind of voice or network issue with no result but we have notice that If you unplug the cable and plug it again the IP phone will register in a seconds or to access the the switch in which the IP phone is connected and shutdown the port to which it is connected and power it again will solve the problem but we have about 1500 phone in about 290 branches so it would be hard to do it and we want to know the cause or an explaination for that issue,So I hope the experts help me to solve and report that issue,Best Regards


- This IP phones have static Configuration.

- there are no network connectivity problems we see the IP phones which are un registered we can ping it from any pc and from the CCM servers

- We can access the IP Phones ( Unregistered ) Using http

- Restating the cluster does not solve the problem what happened is 8000 register in 5 minutes the the 1500 stuck as unregistered.

- Nothing common between the unregistered IP phones

- the problem arises after the failure of EIGRP instance.


Re: Unregistered IP Phones

Any firewalls between the phones and the CUCMs?

New Member

Re: Unregistered IP Phones

Dear tcatlinins,

We have close the case (yes we have fire wall between the ip phone and the cluster) what we have found are:

- All the phone that got Unregistered was the 7911 phones only.

- 7911 Phones failed to upgrade from 8-3-2S to 8-5-2SR so the phone give Upgrade error.

- cisco said this normal to give error sine to upgrade fro 8-3(x) to 8-5-(x) you have to first go to 8-4-(x) then to 8-5-(x).

- But what happend is the phone was booting from the factory firmware 8-3-(2) then for whatevrer reason we do not know why this phone decide to upgrade when the network got it stuck in this upgrade loop.

- What we have done is upload the 8-3-(2) to the call manager TFTP server for the 7911 so we guarantee that this never happened againg since it is happened when the 7911 try to upgrade to 8-3-(2).

- All the phone now are registered what we did to do this we ask the client that complain about there phone to unplug and plug the cable again the phone register with the 8-3-2S firmware

-We have checked everything from routing and switching prespective security and for sure voice but we reach to no logical reason for such a behaviour.

-Hope no one face such a case.Thanks