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Unsure where to begin (VoIP solution for predictive dialer)

Hi all,

I need some help selecting the appropriate hardware for a VoIP solution. I am a totally new when it comes to VoIP so please take baby steps with me. (Sorry for the long note but I want to explain it as best as possible.)

The situation:

We have a predictive dialer system (outbound only). The T1 lines (PRI T1) connect directly from the smart jack to a board on the dialer. Analog extensions are wired off the dialer to a huge phone block and out to dedicated stations. Each station represents an extension (extensions do not float, in other words if I sit at a station I know I am extension XYZ off the dialer…hardwired (it could be different but this is the basic set-up). The dialer will make outbound calls and once it connects to a live person it will route the call to a particular extension (knowing that the station is ready to receive a call because the station has signed on (to sign on, the person at the station just takes the phone off-hook, the dialer sends a pulse tone on the line and when it has a call it sends it to the extension). Basically the dialer is a PBX of sorts.

What we want:

We would like to design a VoIP solution for the dialer extensions. We would like to have an extension be at any location (outside the LAN/WAN). For our current scenario, all the “remote” extensions would be offshore (outside the USA) and be designed in such a way that a VoIP connection would connect to a particular extension on the dialer.

The question:

What type of hardware would we need (please be specific)? I presume we would need a VoIP gateway where all the analog extensions from the dialer would plug into it? And this is where I don't understand things… then we would have IP phones that connect to VoIP gateway (to a particular port so we know that VoIP connection X is connected to dialer extension Y). OR would we have another device located at the offshore location that coverts the VoIP back to hardwire and out to a station. The most ideal situation would be just having 1 VoIP gateway and then connections made to it from any location. What would work best?


Re: Unsure where to begin (VoIP solution for predictive dialer)

If you're just wanting to move the analog phones off of the predictive dialer onto VoIP phones, you could get something like a 2821 with some VIC2-4FXO or EM-HDA-6FXO cards. Then, you could use CME to register some IP phones and point those the FXO ports towards each of the IP phones.

For reference, the ports coming out of the dialer are FXS, and we would need FXO ports to match it. A normal analog phone is equivalent to a FXO port.

There aren't any real high density FXO solutions, so you would probably want to stack a bunch of the VIC2-4FXO or the HDA cards in a 2800. You could then use the 2800 to send those analog calls anywhere on the IP network with a CME box. This would all be one box.

To draw it out:

PRI---Dialer---(Sets of FXS ports)---telephony wiring----(Sets of FXO ports)CME---SCCP---IP phone

You could mix this up if you wanted. If you wanted to put 24 analog phones in India so you don't pay for the IP phones, you could do this:

PRI--Dialer---CME----SCCP over IP to India--VG224--(FXSport)--telephony wiring--- Analog phone

The analog phones on the VG224 would register to the CME that's connected to the dialer.

It would be very simple to map a certain port on the dialer to either an IP phone or analog port on something like a VG224. You can use a 'connection trunk' command to simulate what the users already do.

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Re: Unsure where to begin (VoIP solution for predictive dialer)

Can you explain what you mean by CME and SCCP?

Do Cisco products support SIP? If the protocol is SCCP, are Cisco IP phones the only thing we could use?

Re: Unsure where to begin (VoIP solution for predictive dialer)

CME is Callmanager Express. It allows (nearly) all the features of Callmanager VOIP on a router.

SCCP is the protocol that CME and Callmanager talk to the phones to tell them how to do VoIP.

You can run a SIP CME, where the phones are SIP phones. You can find tons of 3rd party SIP phones out there for cheap as well.

The other option is to use analog phones and not get IP phones, but then you have to buy devices with FXS ports.

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Re: Unsure where to begin (VoIP solution for predictive dialer)


I believe my question is answered. (you can close this post) One last thing. Could you or a sales rep shoot me over some basic cost estimates on the equipment. I just need a quick ballpark figure.



either 2 - EM-HDA-6FXO OR 3-VIC2-4FXO cards

Re: Unsure where to begin (VoIP solution for predictive dialer)


We don't 'close' posts. Generally if a problem is fixed you can click on 'this solved my problem' as well as a rating, that signifies for other people that they can use this post as a reference.

For pricing it will be more complicated - there's the CME license fee, IOS license fees, IP phones, and a number of other things.

It would be best to contact a sales rep, or use the pricing tool. Here's a link to the pricing tool:


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