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Unusual Client Request

This might simply be a feature request for Cisco, but just in case there's any form of work-around or system preference...

A client exec has asked if when entering digits via PreDial an IP phone can display Alerting Name before hitting Dial.

This would lessen the likelihood of mis-dialing a phone extension ... you would see the alerting name before hitting dial.

Any input would be appreciated (even from Rob Huffman) ;-)

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Re: Unusual Client Request

While Rob is cogitating, can I say that request is not unusual. Using cellphones and other sophisticated device, people is getting used to things like predictive typing etc.

Now, I don't think what you ask can be done. Anyway, when dialing number, the java-based phones do autocomplete based on previously dialed numbers. But you may know this already.

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Re: Unusual Client Request

Thanks Paolo. I am aware of the display of previously dialed numbers and pointed it out to the client. This is somewhat useful. Do you know how deep the dialed-number cache is?

Re: Unusual Client Request

if it is for the corporate directory, Citrix Application Gateway has the "Express Directory" which does exactly this. (by first name or last name) So basically:

- hit diretories

- Express Directory

- Dial 483 and it will match Huffman

It has some sort of algarythem that will narrow down the search to within just a few key strokes. Pretty slick

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Re: Unusual Client Request

Thanks Tommer, this is interesting. I'll check it out.



Re: Unusual Client Request

Basically, if you dislike the Corporate DIrectory from Cisco, use Citrix Express Directory (which connects to multiple LDAP soureces) and it caches it locally on the linux appliance which dishes it out via XML to the IP phones. It is around $30 a client, but works amazing (if you have a huge corp directory)

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Re: Unusual Client Request

Hey Guys,

Pretty cool thread here! 5 points to TCAT for this interesting reference (I'll have to check this out!) 5 points to Paolo for teaching me a new word (I had to meditate on that one for awhile :)

Brian, 5 points for for generating such a good post.

Take care,


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