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Unusual Problem with CM 5.1(2) DNs

Callmanager 5.1(2). Users reported not being able to dial certain extensions. I have a single site with two Partions for IP Phone DNs. Both partitions are in all Calling Search Spaces. When dialing the DN in question you get a busy signal. I tried opening the DN and changing it's Partition to something else, then changing it back. The phone reset and I was able to dial the phone. The phone was registered before and after changing the DNs Partition, and the DN does not exist in any other Partition. I'll assume this is a bug of sorts. If anyone has a clue please let me know. Thanks!

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Re: Unusual Problem with CM 5.1(2) DNs

Hi Brian,

I remembered seeing this with CCM 5.1(2) and it definitely is a Bug. I just spent a bunch of time trying to find the exact Bug # but it is fruitless so far :(

Here is a thread that details this exact issue;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Unusual Problem with CM 5.1(2) DNs

Thanks Rob, this is good info. The details of each case sound somewhat different, but the symptoms are the same; DNs that should normally be reachable aren't without some form of reset, recreation, or change of Partition. For now it's just a nuisance. I want to avoid an upgrade (though the update to sounded promising) as this is a new installation we're wrapping up and the dial-plan should remain unchanged to some time. I'll suggest the client test all new DNs when they add them to the system to forgo an upgrade.

Thanks and regards,


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