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Updated CUCM 10 software available to fix 'Heartbleed' problem?

Forgive my ignorance, but I've been looking at the notice about CUCM 10 being affected by the so called heartbleed problem, but I can't figure out if there's a new version of the software available for download or not.  If there's an updated version, how can I get to it?  I see this version available when I go to CUCM 10.0 downloads:  10.0(1.1000-1)    ...and there are various installers available for download.

But I also see a 10.5(1) available now, but when I go to the downloads, all I see are OVA files.  

Is there really an updated CUCM 10 installer that would be appropriate for us to update to for getting rid of the heartbleed issue? 


Hi Jmeir, The release will be

Hi Jmeir,

The release will be able soon, maybe in two weeks (that's what I heard). Release 10.5 will be able in 6 - 8 month.



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Ok.  I guess I'll keep

Ok.  I guess I'll keep watching for it..  I wasn't sure if it was available yet but the bug report shows some unaffected version 10 releases:

Known Fixed Releases:

The release are available

The release are available only for some partner to test the new release.

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10.5 is out now and there is

10.5 is out now and there is a ISO file here:

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I'm not sure whether this

I'm not sure whether this statement on that link applies to us or not, but it sort of worries me (if I were to install that version):  

"UNRST releases support fewer encryption capabilities and are classified as US export unrestricted. UNRST releases are intended for customers for which US export and-or foreign import encryption regulations apply. Once installed, UNRST releases can NEVER be converted or upgraded to releases which support full encryption capabilities."

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