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Upgrade CCM 4.1(3)ES76 to SR7 failed

I started with publisher, it's OK. When I execute on my first Backup call manager, the process failed at the end indicate error message below:

"Replication is in a failure state. I a new subscriber was just added to the cluster, wait 30 minutes to an hour after it's installation completed to try this installation.

Reported replication status was:

At least one agent-implementing job has failed to execute successfully

Install will now exit"

Before I run upgrade, I stopped Cisco Security Agent as recommended.

Thanks for help


Re: Upgrade CCM 4.1(3)ES76 to SR7 failed

It seems that your SQL replication became broken when you did the PUB upgrade.

Now, when you attempt your SUB upgrade, the upgrade process checks to see if the SQL replication is operating correctly.

(if it isn't you get the message you've seen)

You need to get the SQL replication working again before you can upgrade your SUB(s).

There are a couple of ways to do this;

1) you can use the 'DBHelper' utility on the publisher to attempt to get the replication working

2) you can fix the replication manually

(i prefer manually since it is pretty easy and you can see for yourself the status/operation)

To repair manually follow these steps:

1) login to the publisher with administrator rights

2) run the SQL Enterprise Manager

3) browse down to 'Replication Monitor>Publishers>CCM_database

4) right-click the CCM database and choose 'Reinitialize All Subscriptions'

(press OK button to the prompt that comes up)

5) left-click the CCM_database to highlight it if not already done so

6) in the right-hand window at the top, right-click the 'Snapshot' agent and choose 'Start Agent'

This process will mark all subscriptions to be reinitialized; then the publisher will create a new snapshot of the database and push it to the subscribers.

When the push to subscribers is completed, with no errors, you can run your upgrade on that subscriber and it should work.

If you still have problems, please see the following link for more info on repairing SQL replication on Call Manager:

(this will have you delete the subscription and recreate it entirely)

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Re: Upgrade CCM 4.1(3)ES76 to SR7 failed


Your help were precious to make my upgrade success. After reparing sql replication, I started each agent manually and it's gone OK.

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