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Upgrade from CUCM 4.1 to 7.1

Need to upgrade from CUCM 4.1 to 7.1 they are having 7825-I3 server with 100 no's 7960 IPPhones and they want new Unity or unity connection server for voicemail now, we are planning to give CUCM business edition for them.

If they order CUCM business edition, do old 7960 IPPHones need new device license again to included in CUCM business edition, Please suggest.

And Unity connection coming with Business edition can be integrate with Exchange 2003 for sending voicemail to outlook express.

Could you please light us on; Device Lic for CUCM 4.1 Upgrade and Unity connection integration with exchange 2003 or later.


Re: Upgrade from CUCM 4.1 to 7.1

During the upgrade process the DMA tool will produce a device count in CM 4.1. is your main point of contact.

Use the Product Upgrade Tool to acquire your new PAK keys for CUCMBE.

The DLU Worksheet (Excel) will be provided from when you email them.

Forward your entitlement email from the PUT tool to Request a DLU node worksheet.

They will turn around and send off an excel sheet for you to fill in.

MAC address of publisher

Device count for each model currently cm 4.1

Once received, they will send back and DLU license for CUCMBE.

For the Node and Server Software license, this is produced from the PAK key from the PUT tool. This will register your server.

For Unity Connection, Im not sure if this is new or existing or from an old Unity server? At any rate, Unity Connection has a couple options. It can store and forward voicemails via SMTP to Exchange to the subscriber. The only problem is, MWI does not work then. You will have an SMTP message in Exchange and a new voicemail in CUC.

But that is one option. Just remember, CUC is a standalone mail server for voicemail. It has limitations for "integration" with Exchange for vm


Re: Upgrade from CUCM 4.1 to 7.1

In CUC 7.1, you can relay messages to exchange.

Yes you are correct that there are issues with MWI but if you want to fix this.

what you need to do, is keep a copy of messages on server than MWI will work.

It has flip side as well.

IF you need to delete it you need to delete it from both side, UC and exchange as well

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