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Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually

I am going to perform the steps below during business hours.  To anyone that have done this before, Will the other phone will be rebooted or affecting other phones in the same model or within the system?

I am planing to upgrage the firmware for just my phone - 7965 (one phone).

  1. Run the upgrade patch file of the new IP phone load in Cisco Unified  CallManager. You can do this by burning the patch file to a CD or DVD, or by  sharing it via FTP or SFTP.

    1. Go to Cisco Unified OS Administration in the navigation menu at the  top right of the web page. Login with the platform administration  credentials.

    2. Go to Software Upgrades > Install/Upgrade.

    3. Choose the appropriate options for DVD/CD or network source, and provide  details of where it can pull the file to download.

      When the install is complete, this automatically changes the Phone Load  Name in the device defaults for the particular phone model.

  2. Copy this new load information from the Device Defaults and paste it  to the notepad file.

  3. In order to maintain the old load name for other phones in the network,  replace the old load information from the notepad repeating the procedure,  Device > Device Settings > Device Defaults. Then,  click Update.

    This helps all other phones to maintain the old device default load  information.

  4. Go to the Device menu >Phone and choose the IP phone on  which you want to perform the upgrade. Paste the new load information to the  Phone Load Name field and click Update.

    Note: CallManager 4.x also follows this same step for changing the  load name.

  5. Finally you have to restart TFTP service. Go to Cisco Unified  Serviceability, then go to Tools > Control Center-Feature  Services and restart the TFTP service.




Re: Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually

I have not tried this in production before, but, in theory, that will work.  The XMLDefault.cnf.xml file is only (re)generated when the TFTP server starts, so no phones should be able to receive the new device default firmware load, even if they happen to reload between the firmware load and the manual change in the Device Default menu.

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Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually

I know this is an old post, but I'm about to do the same thing (upgrade one indivdual 7965 to 9.2.3). The directions here don't indicate whether or not you also need to upload the cop.sgn file to all nodes in the cluster. I think I have to do that, can anyone confirm?

Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually

It should be, for consistencies' sake, but it is only required on the TFTP server that the phone in question will be accessing.


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Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually


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Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually

I have a similar situation. We have a CUCM with 8.6 and I actually need to downgrade the firmware on only one phone. what would be the procedure to do this? I don't want the other phones on the network to grab a downgraded load, just this one individual phone. suggestions?

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Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually

If you go through the link and instructions above, it's pretty good.

I've actually don't this quite a few times in the past couple of weeks. I would suggest doing off hours because when I ran the upgrade on the pub (which you need to do first), it caused phones to restart. Most people did not notice, however it knocked our ccx agents off of their softphones, so I had supervisors calling me asking what happened.

The key is to copy and past the current firmware version from device defaults to a notepad. After you run the upgrade on the pub, it will automatically change the firmware version in device defaults. So go back to device defaults, copy the new firmware version to the same notepad because you'll need it later. Also, paste the old value that you had copied previously back in. This way when you restart TFTP, no phones will upgrade.

Then, to upgrade individual phone, pull up the phone in cucm and paste the new phone firmware value from your notepad hit save and reset and the phone will upgrade (and only that phone).

Here is what my notepad looked like when I upgraded a single 7965:

SCCP45.9-1-1SR1S - OLD

SCCP45.9-2-3S  - NEW

Also, I ran the upgrade on the pub and all subs because tftp runs on each server in my cluster, so each sever needs the ability to provide the firmware that the phone is asking for.

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Re: Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually

Hi Wayne,

The process would be the same as nicely listed by Sienz above and in the attached Tech Note.

As long as you change the device defaults back to what is running currently before restarting

TFTP you will be good to go



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Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually

Hi Rob,

nice to hear from you.I assume I am stopping tftp before I start? can we do it without the stop and start?


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Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually

Hi Guys,

what is the path that we use for the file upload?

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Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually

Wayne, you do not need to stop TFTP before uploading the file, just leave TFTP as is and do not worry about stopping/starting it until you are about to apply the phone load to the single phone, you want to test with, and all you will need to do is just use the restart option, BUT ONLY after you've changed the Device defaults back to the phone load that is used system wide after uploading the intended phoneload for the single phone to CUCM. Revisit joshua.gertig's post above if needed for additional clarification..

With regards to the Path that we use for the file upload, i am guessing you are referring to the Directory path field under

Software Upgrades




Here you would need to be sure to enter the exact path where your file is stored on the SFTP server, many at times if the file is in the root folder all you need here is just a "/" if you stored the folder in c:/myfolder/upgrade,

you may need to use the full path name for eg. "/myfolder/upgrade"

Hope this helps.



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