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Upgrade Phones firmware via another TFTP

Hi Folks,

I have phones on a version of firmware 8.3.2 that I need to upgrade to at least version 8.3.3 before I can upgrade them to version 9. The issue is described in more detail here:

I have tried to upgrade the phone by using the following method:

  1. Download and install TFTPD32 on a workstation.
  2. Download  the firmware version you want in the ZIP file format. The only  difference between the ZIP and COP.SGN files is how they are packaged.  The firmware within is identical. Uncompress this into the root of  whatever path TFTPD32 is sharing.
  3. Log into UCM Administration and find the phone you want to modify. On the Device configuration, set the following two fields:
    1. Phone Load Name:  This is the filname of the .LOADS file you extracted, minus the .LOADS extension. Example: "SCCP70.8-4-4S"
    2. Load Server: This is the IPv4 address of the TFTPD32 workstation.
  4. Save the changes and then reset the phone. It will attempt to pull the different firmware from the address you specified.
  5. CLEAN  UP: When you are done, clear these two fields to avoid confusion the  next time you update UCM. Even if you decide this firmware is stable and  you are going to install the .cop.sgn format to all of the cluster TFTP  servers, you should clear these two fields on the individual phones.

Now when I plug the phone in, it does upgrade to 8.3.3 but then it just keeps on resetting and doesnt do anything? Anyone have any idea what the problem might be here?


Re: Upgrade Phones firmware via another TFTP


We had similar problem with a 7906,upgrarded to 8.3.5 and it just kept on rebooting.

Made a factory reset and upgraded to 8.5.3 and after that I could upgrade to version 9 without any problems

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