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upgrade questions

Hi all. Im planning on doing a CUCM upgrade. The customer is going from 4.x to 6.x. They are also upgrading Unity as well. All of these upgrades are going on new servers, not the current servers that they have in place. I have a few questions concerning this:

1. I was thinking I could get everything configured and integrated with AD for both CUCM and Unity, while the old callmanagers were still in place. That way, I could just change the DHCP info when time to do the cut to the new phone system and have them point to it when ready. Is that possible?

2. If #1 is possible, I guess Id like to know if I can configure on the gateway two separate CUCMs, the old one which is in place, and the new one, which Ill put in place? Im thinking that might have to be the very last thing to do???

3. If #1 is possible, can you have both old and new systems integrated with AD at the same time? I think this would be possible, but I thought Id ask.

4. If #1 is possible, how about Unity? Could both be "up" at the same time, as long as the old callmanager system points to the old unity system (which it does now) and the new cucm points to the new unity system?

Im almost certain Im missing something in this, so if anyone has done this sort of thing before, and would be willing to share some insight, Id appreciate it very much.



Re: upgrade questions

If you are using Microsoft Active Directory or Netscape Directory, enable synchronization with the LDAP server after the upgrade. For upgrading choose DHCP field Yes if you want to use DHCP to automatically configure the network settings on your server. If you choose No, you must enter a hostname, IP Address, IP Mask, and Gateway.

Check the URL: Upgrading to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 6.1(3) from Cisco Unified Communications Manager 4.x Releases:

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