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Upgrading Call Manager & Changing Subscriber



We will perform an upgrade to our customers Call Manager 8.6.2 to 10


Now with the upgrade they would also like to change their subscriber to a virtualized server, at the moment this is still on an MCS. So i thought of a plan of approach on this.

- installing the second subscriber on the virtual enviroment with a new IP, after the sync is completed with the publisher we can upgrade both servers.

I thought that 8.6.2 could be upgraded straight to 10 normally, this should be correct?


Now i've been thinking about the "problem scenario", the customer wants to maintain the IP of it's current subscriber to the new one in the virtual server. Now i'm wondering, because also the current subscriber has DHCP scopes & Settings. How will this affect this, can i disconnect their current subscriber and install the new one? Can i just install it and change the ip afterwards. What would be the best approach?



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Yannick Vranckx

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I'd install it with another

I'd install it with another IP, then reconfigure the new SUB as necessary (DHCP as you mention and such), then move the phones over to the new SUB, decomission the old one from CUCM, delete it, shut the server down, then change the IPs.



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You dont need to disconnect

You dont need to disconnect the current subscriber. Just install the new one on your Virtual machine to a private network that has no connectivity to the new one. You can use a single switch and install both pub and subscriber. You can take a DRS backup of the existing one and then restore the backup once the install has completed

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