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Upgrading CCM on 7835 using one HD


I am preparing for upgrading CCM 3.3(4) to 4.3(1) and was thinking about one thing. I have MCS-7835H-2.4-EVV1 with two discs with mirroring RAID. I would like to remove one of those two discs and perform upgrade on remaining one. After new CCM is up and running I will put the second HD back and rebuid RAID 1. In case something is awfuly wrong I will use my backup disk as a primary one and rebuild old RAID structure with 3.3. Has anyone performed similiar upgrade in that way? I assume RAID is independent, hardware solution, so it should not influence system behaviour during installation. Am I right or CCM will complain?


Re: Upgrading CCM on 7835 using one HD

That procedure should work just fine. I do it all the time.

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Re: Upgrading CCM on 7835 using one HD

Excellent. Thanks. Is there any specific procedure for rebuilding RAID or I can just insert the second disk (offline or online) and the rebuild will be done automatically?

Has anyone upgraded 3.3 to 4.3 recently? Are there any issues with it? Should it be enough to follow Cisco doc for such upgrade or there are some hidden tricks which I should know about :-) ?

BTW, what does EVV1 stands for?

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