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Upgrading for Callmanager 5.0 to Callmanager 7.0

I want to upgrade my CCM 5.0 to CCM 7.0. What must I do to achieve that. Please help.


Re: Upgrading for Callmanager 5.0 to Callmanager 7.0

Hi Peter, here are the support upgrade paths to CUCM 7.x:-

Upgrade Paths to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0(1)

These sections contain information about upgrading to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0(1).

Direct Upgrade

You can upgrade directly to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0(1) from





Upgrade by Using Data Migration Assistant

You can upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.0(1) via Data Migration Assistant (DMA) from:





Taken from the CUCM 7.x Release Notes:-

Here is the CUCM 7.x DMA User Guide:-

The most important consideration is whether you intend to upgrade using the same hardware or new hardware? The later is recommended.

CUCM 7.x is supported on specific hardware, therefore if you are using existing hardware then refer to the following compatibility matrix. You will require CCO id:-

Secondly, you need to order the Upgrade Media.

To upgrade to Cisco Unified CM Release 7.0(1), use the Product Upgrade Tool (PUT) to obtain a media kit and license or to purchase the upgrade from Cisco Sales.

To use the PUT, you must enter your Cisco contract number (Smartnet, SASU or ESW) and request the DVD/DVD set. If you do not have a contract for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you must purchase the upgrade from Cisco Sales.

For more information about supported Cisco Unified CM upgrades, see the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Software Compatibility Matrix at the following URL:

Hope this helps.


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Re: Upgrading for Callmanager 5.0 to Callmanager 7.0


Upcoming I have a similar scenario where I will be upgrading a 5.1(3) Pub & Sub to 7.0(1). In the process I will be moving the cluster to new hardware as well so this will not be an in place upgrade. I was looking for the most straight forward way to do this. Since it is appliance to appliance DMA will not come into play and I can't do a backup and restore to a new version of code. I haven't been able to find any docs with information on upgrading to new hardware.

So is my only option to

1)Perform a backup on the old 5.1(3).

2)Install 5.1(3) on the new publisher hardware.

3)Perform a restore on the new publisher and install 5.1(3) and the new subscriber.

4)Then upgrade the new hardware to 7.0(1).

Thanks in advance.

Re: Upgrading for Callmanager 5.0 to Callmanager 7.0

Hi Dave, sadly you are correct:(

As you are migrating to new hardware your only option would be to install 5.1.3 on the new hardware and then perform the restore before upgrading to 7.x as you have mentioned.

The upgrade process is no different if you were replacing the hardware during an upgrade to 4.2.x for example. It specifically states that 'You must install the same version of CUCM on the new server as was installed on the old server'.

Unfortunately I cannot find documentation for replacing a server during an upgrade for version 7.x, there appears to be documentation for version 4.x and earlier.

I think the assumption is that an upgrade from version 5.x to 7.x will be supported on the same hardware.



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Re: Upgrading for Callmanager 5.0 to Callmanager 7.0

Thanks for the confirmation. Since this cluster has roughly 200 hundred users and 3 sites I was possibly thinking about using BAT to export the users/phones and reimporting them. Typically I would not prefer this but the client I will be working with wants to make changes regarding naming conventions on partitions, CSS, route groups, lists, etc.. So I am considering this a solution as well.

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Re: Upgrading for Callmanager 5.0 to Callmanager 7.0


In addition to the excellent response from Allan (+5 point for you Allan), you will need to go to CCM5.1.3 before you can upgrade to CCM 7.0.

I was recently at the Cisco Update event for CCM 7 and this was discussed.

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