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Upgrading from to

Hello All,

Just wondering what the possible consequences will be in the upgrade process. For example are my route partitions going to be fine and calling space? I had to learn everything on this machine from scratch unfortunately and I have some serious trepidation on how the upgrade is going to affect me.

What kind of things am I going to notice in the upgrade, is this a massive upgrade or is it just a little bit of stuff that is getting upgraded. Anyone with experience in this upgrade I would be most appreciative in their experiences.




Re: Upgrading from to

Hello evan

Any reason for upgrading?

Are you affected by any ddts or want some new feature?

All information is migrated during the upgrade

all should be good

New Member

Re: Upgrading from to

Well there are a couple reasons I am upgrading:

1.) The client purchased 6.1, but the software that came with the server was 6.0.1 and we needed to get the system up and running asap.

2.) I am having some issues getting the 2 line ATA devices to work on 6.0.1 and was hoping that with 6.1 the upgraded device packs would have a solution for that.

3.) Since this is my first time dealing with UCM/Unity Connection/Unified Presence. I would like to see all of the processes and such and I figured running an upgrade would be a decent thing to do as far as a learning task.

Thanks for the help. I am going to go ahead and run the upgrade tonight to see what happens, wish me luck.


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