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Upgrading our Cisco Communications Servers-

Hi All,

We are in the process of upgrading our Cisco Unified Communications servers in a VM environment from 8.0 to 8.6

I have read the release notes.

From what I can see,  we must upgrade the Cisco Unified Presence Server before the Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers.

The release notes were pretty clear about that.

I didn't see any caveots in the release notes about the Cisco Unity Connection server or the IP Contact Centre server (also on version 8)

I am thinking that the best order will be:

1.  Cisco Unified Presence (required to be first by release notes)

2.  Call manager servers (one publisher and two subscribers)

3.  Unity server (because of its direct links to call manager)

4.  IP Contact centre.

We are also using a product called WFO (installed on a Windows server) to monitor the quality of the telephone conversations for the IP Contact Centre employees and I need to see if there are any implications for this server if I change from version 8.0 to 8.6.

I was wondering if anyone else is doing a similar upgrade or has some ideas, tricks, or pitfalls to watch for during the upgrade please.

Also,  if anyone has a post upgrade test plan, that would be really nice.

As to scheduling,  I would like to get the presence server and the three Call Manager servers done on the same weekend.  With the other two server to follow the next weekend.

I think that this is achievable due to the ability to place the new operating system in the inactive partition and then boot to when ready.

There are some people who think we should try to do six on the same weekend, but I think that I would rather not go there unless having Presence and CM 8.6 running with Unity and Contact Centre 8.0 is a problem and I have missed it in the release notes.

Any help is most appreciated.

Thanks very much,


Amanda Lalli-Cafini


Upgrading our Cisco Communications Servers-

Hi Amanda,

I would like to comment on CUCM and UCCX upgrade path.

If your current UCCX 8.x (please verify that by referring to the below UCCX compatiability matrix aginst the exact versions of UCCX with CUCM) is comaptiable with CUCM 8.0 and 8.6, than yes you can perform the UCCX upgrate at the later stage.

Hope it helps.


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Upgrading our Cisco Communications Servers-

Hi Amanda,

Just add a note to the great tips from Anand (+5 "A")

You can do Unity Connection either first or last if you like

Supported Version Combinations for Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unified Communications Manager


Cisco Unity Connection 2.x and Later


Any version of Cisco Unity Connection 2.x or later is supported for use with any version of Cisco Unified CM 4.1(3) or later.

I wouldn't even try to do these all in one shot, just like you nicely noted. I might even spread this out

even more and seperate the CUCM upgrade into it's own weekend due to the added time required

when moving to 8.6 due to the Refresh upgrade process;

Caution When you upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.6(2a), the system reboots several times as part of the upgrade process and the service outage period is longer than with traditional upgrades. Therefore, you may want to perform the upgrade during a scheduled down time for your organization to avoid service interruptions.

Cheers! And best of luck!


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