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Upgrading to CM 6.1.1

How long should an upgrade to 6.1.1 take? Mine has been going for 4 hours and appears to be stuck, although it stills says running. Any help to calm my fears will be greatly apprectiated. Thanks.


Re: Upgrading to CM 6.1.1

How big is your current deployment? Last one I did.. 5.1 to 6.0 took about 2 hours. It was about 400 devices. Probably less time.

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Re: Upgrading to CM 6.1.1

Totally depends on size of the DB. We ran one in the lab, and had to let it go over night. I think it was 15 hours, just to create the migration file.

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Re: Upgrading to CM 6.1.1

as Chris mentions it depends on the DB size but also on the server's CPU and memory, the workload at the time of doing the DMA, etc

there are several factors that can make DMA to run really slow

when i did mine on a 7815 with CUCM 4.1(3) it took about 4 hours and it was a lab server with about 12 phones and 2 gateways




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Re: Upgrading to CM 6.1.1

you could also be running into some bugs.

what are you upgrading from? how big is the config?

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Re: Upgrading to CM 6.1.1

I am currently at 6.0.1. I have tried numerous times and it always seems to stall. I went to the command line and disabled iothrottle but it will still stall. I am going to re-download the files to see if maybe that is the problem. The config is 2.36 Gig. It is in two files and then you have to combine them. The final product is 2.36 gig. The file seems to add up from what was downloaded.

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Re: Upgrading to CM 6.1.1

I ran into the exact same issues. I tried from 2 5.x versions (one had a legitimate bug, the upgrade would not even start.) I also tried 6.0 to 6.1(1) and I too would give up after about 2-4 hours. The page quits refreshing.

I wasted a week on this and eventually got fed up. I let the upgrade go overnight and came in and when I relogged in that morning the PUB was upgraded.

I then ran it for the Subscriber and at 4 hours I noticed it was stalled again. I closed my IE window and logged back in and the upgrade was done. It just needed to have the versions switched and be rebooted.

This was on newly installed UCMs with no users, phones and so forth. So your mileage may vary. I was frustrated that TAC in all cases also concurred that there was a bug or I was doing it wrong. At the end of the day I just needed some patience.

Take care


Re: Upgrading to CM 6.1.1

For those having stalling and timeout issues try purging the CDR records and CAR records before the DMA backup. This should make your DMA backups a LOT smaller and the 6.1 database operations a lot faster.

You can do an SQL backup if you want to keep the CDR records.

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