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Upgrading UCCX version 7.X to 10.X

I am little confused ,since CCX running on 7.0 in windows platform,how can i upgrade to 10.0 in Linux platform,

CCX is running on MCS 7825 server,what is possible way to migrate and upgrade!!!


Hi,As per the following


As per the following link

UCCX Version 10.0 does not support Windows-to-Linux upgrades. This means that any UCCX version from Version 7.0(2)ES3 and earlier cannot be upgraded in a single step to UCCX Version 10.0. Windows UCCX installations must first be upgraded to the latest Service Update (SU) on Version 8.5(1), or to the latest SU on Version 9.0(2). Then, that version can be upgraded to UCCX Version10.0. As of November 15, 2013, the interim versions for Windows to Linux upgrade to UCCX 10.0 were 8.5(1)SU4 and 9.0(2)SU1.

Refer to Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (Cisco Unified CCX) Software and Hardware Compatibility Guide for the latest information on UCCX upgrade compatibility.



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Good info Manish,i will

Good info Manish,i will follow the same procedure is there any possibility for files to get corrupt,since its moving to different platform.

The procedures are tested and

The procedures are tested and well documented, the upgrade / migration should go fine if the procedure if followed correctly.


UCCX 9.0 requires 4GB RAM -

UCCX 9.0 requires 4GB RAM - as I recall 7825's shipped with only 2GB, if that is the case you will need to install an additional 2GB RAM for this to work.

UCCX 10 is only supported on

UCCX 10 is only supported on a VM Ware, as such you can't do a direct upgrade on your current hardware platform.

You could installed the UCCX PUT (product upgrade tool) on the current UCCX 7 server and migrate the configuration for a new installation of UCCX 9, which could then be upgraded to UCCX 10. 

Depending on the complexity of your UCCX configuration it maybe worth doing a fresh install off UCCX 10 and manually migrating the configuration.



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For a fresh installation we

For a fresh installation we may loss some settings,there is possible of losing data?

For a fresh installation you

For a fresh installation you would lose all historical data, you would need to manually migrate settings and configuration, it may be a good time to review what is actually in use on your current UCCX and only migrate what is required.

VIP Purple

Hi,UCCX 10.x needs to be


UCCX 10.x needs to be installed only on VM . You cannot do it on bare metal server.

you can follow the upgrade path : 7.0(1)SR5 ----> 8.5(1)----> 10.5

for CCX 8.5(1) , u need to check hardware support of 7825



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The hardware can support

The hardware can support version 9.X,as we know that 10.5 is vm environment.,so whats ur recommendation on this case.

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