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Urgent: Interview - CCNA voice - what to recap?

Evening All,

I am applying for a position for a Cisco Voice engineer - I have just recently passed my CCNA voice exam.

Basically, the post was asking for a ccnp voice engineer - but the salary was below what I expected for that qualification anyway; so I called and asked for their reasoning - at the same time explained that i had some experience as well as the ccna voice and now I have a telephone interview on wednesday evening this week - with the possibility of an in house/on site interview the following week.

I am stuck as to what to learn or recap for this interview - can someone provide me with some advice on what I can learn quickly or rather what should I really concentrate on for this interview??



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Urgent: Interview - CCNA voice - what to recap?

It's impossible to predict what you will be asked during interview process, analyze the job posting requirements and make sure you can speak to those points. Interview is not an exam so don't look for specific questions/answers, but rather rely on what you know and what you can answer honestly. 

Good luck!


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Urgent: Interview - CCNA voice - what to recap?

I agree with Chris, I've been involved in many interviews for candidates and we determine what we're going to ask after reviewing the CV and after having the candidate give us a 10-15 minute talk about his experience, then we ask based on what he said was his experience and knowledge of the products. We set the bar just high enough for the role we're interviewing for, to be fair with the candidates.

As Chris says, honesty can get you far on interviews. If you don't know about a product or have limited experience, say so, there's nothing wrong with that. It's worse to tell them you're the master of some product and then be unable to answer the questions.

Good luck.



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Urgent: Interview - CCNA voice - what to recap?

One of the questions I have come across a few times is when to use MGCP, H323 or SIP

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Re: Urgent: Interview - CCNA voice - what to recap?


In my experience some candidates are good technically but fail to get the job due to their poor "soft" skills.

Some soft skills questions that you may be asked include:

- What are your 3 main weaknesses?

- Explain how you would deal with a difficult and demanding customer?

- How do you deal with stress at work?

etc etc

We have not always employed the most high credentialed candidate, but the person who was seen as the best fit for the team.

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