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URGENT--strange MOH issue !!

hi Guys

i have a strange Music on hols issue as following:

i have CM 4.1 configured with cisco ios 3800

this gateway is configured as srst gateway and has moh locally configured as folling

moh [fileanem]

multicast moh port 16384 route is loopback voice vlan

the router dsse the intervaln routing and this is the router subinterface vlan

i put the interface ip as well like the problem the same

this interface is the h323 interface and srst source as well

the comand ccm-manger music-on-hold entered

the issue is iam getting locally music on hold

but when i call from pstn or mobile i cant get it only silent

accordeing to cisco :

If the POTS caller on hold does not hear a sound, Cisco CallManager has successfully completed the multicast MOH handshaking with the Cisco SRST gateway, but the gateway is failing to pick up the locally generated multicast RTP stream.

Use the show ccm-manager music-on-hold command to investigate

what i have seen :

#show ccm-manager music-on-hold

Current active multicast sessions : 1

Multicast RTP port Packets Call Codec Incoming

Address number in/out id Interface

=================================================================== 16384 0/0 1702 g729r8

the incomfing interface is null !!!

no packet in/out

and the codec g729

while i have it on ccm as g711for moh ??

any idea ?!?!

thanks in advance

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Re: URGENT--strange MOH issue !!

hi marwanshawi

i'm actually having the exact same issue pstn callers cannot ger moh from multicast, did you finded any solution?

Re: URGENT--strange MOH issue !!

the isseu was Xcoding problem

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