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USB Handset for Communicator

Has anyone got any recommendations for a USB handset that works (with hook/keyboard functionality) with Communicator?

We have finally got our firewall configured for two way comms through VPN and would like to implement a number of users but all USB handsets I have tried only give mic/speaker functionality, even those which allow switching of IP services. Is there something I am missing here or is it a specific specification a USB phone has to meet to work successfully?

Please, please do not post the following links as an answer as they are of no help in answering the above questions......



I have checked out all the links (some of which do not work any more) and cannot find any mention of Communicator interoperability on any of the sites.

The "Guidance...." white paper gives no guidance on the above question, merely discussing hum!

The vendor search does not work as Communicator is not listed as a product.

The only forum post I have found that is relevant relates to a company called Forcisco and they don't have stock.

I cannot believe they are the only supllier or that everyone only relies on a speaker/mic functionality phone when Skype happily works with full functions even integrating with Explorer.

>>>>rant off - help please?

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Re: USB Handset for Communicator

Have you seen:

I haven't used the Eutectics models, but I have used the Clarisys i750 with Communicator.


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Re: USB Handset for Communicator

Thanks for your quick reply Brandon - very helpful. The Clarisys phone looks just what I want but unfortunately no longer seems to be in production as Eutectics have taken over production of a replacement. None of Eutectics offerings appear to have portable handsets with keypads so my search continues. Next step is to aforementioned Forcisco to try to get hold of a FC660. This may be a little costly due to UK shipping charges.

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Re: USB Handset for Communicator

As follow up information the Forcisco FC660 works fine with Communicator and gives keypad dialling as well as start/end call function.

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