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use *72 as a pots dial-peer


Is there any way to setup a pots dial-peer that begins with an asterisk (*)?  Such as *72 or *73.  This type of function is needed to release incoming calls from an overnight voicemail system.  Thanks for the help!


Re: use *72 as a pots dial-peer


Your description on the call flow is pretty vauge, so my answer can be way of.

But sure there is, I have used the following config for a dial-peer to solve a specific need I had.

dial-peer voice 3917 pots
destination-pattern *3917[03]T
no digit-strip
port 0/0/1:15



CCIE #26199 (Voice)

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Re: use *72 as a pots dial-peer

Basically, a new CME install in an office, a snag that only came up this morning is the requirement of dialing an asterisk feature code to un-forward phones from corporate voicemail system used for overnights.  It is mandatory that the string *73 be dialed coming from line "1".  I'm using FXO so the line 1 is no issue, but the dial-peer I'm using is such:

dial-peer voice 123 pots
destination-pattern *73
no digit-strip
port 1/0/0

When that string is dialed from an IP phone, user only gets a busy signal, and the phones stay forwarded.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks.

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Re: use *72 as a pots dial-peer


Your config looks correct, I have done it myself similar to this. The only thing I can think of is maybe the call forward feature was removed on the PSTN side during your install and your busy signal is a result of that. Have you debugged "voip dialpeer"? This will tell you if DP 123 is being matched on the outbound side. If it is you may look into the POTS line itself and verify it is indeed connected to port 1/0/0. Here is an example of how I've done it successfully:

dial-peer voice xx pots

  trunkgroup x

  destination-pattern *..

With this config, I have not needed to do a "no digit-strip"  or a "forward digits-all".  The asterisk is forwarded automatically.

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