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use remote 7942 phone over home wireless network

We're using CUCM 7.5 and are deploying 7942 phones in home offices of several of our employees.  We need to find a way to hook up these phones over home wireless networks as several of our employees do not have easy access to hard wired internet connections in their home office.

I found that Cisco/Linksys has a "VOIP Bridge" (WBP54G) specifically designed to be put in the back of a phone.  It uses the power cord from the phone and passes a wired connection and a power connector to the phone.  Unfortunately, the power connection has too much rubber around it to fit into the cisco 7942 (nice job there, Cisco).

Does anyone have any alternatives that I can use here (of course, $ is important, otherwise I would just get an additional power supply for the phone).



Re: use remote 7942 phone over home wireless network

This is one of those strange problems when looking at it from the outside.  When looking at the cost of what you're already doing (providing a

7942 phone for home use, please some sort of bridge device), and the cost of a power supply is an issue?  You're several hundred bucks into this, and the power supplies are a fraction of what you've already got in this.

The 7942 is an older model phone.  It's likely that the device you have is made to work with the newer devices, but I'm not familiar with that specific device you have.

If you really want to do this cheap, scrap all that and put IP Communicator on the computer they are using.  Then you don't need any of those things and save the cost of the 7942 and the bridge.

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