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User device profile



7960 Phone:

extenion : 5555 it is on phone line

partition: internal

CSS: internal


User Device Profile created for user for EM by choosing 7960 device

extension : 5555 it is on user device profile line

partition: UDP




when a user is logged in 7911 phone and when a PSTN users call 5555 the phone rings to a Phone line on 7960 but not on the profile where is logged in i.e 7911

why like that???





Cisco Employee

Thats the expected behavior,

Thats the expected behavior, if th CSS from the calling device has both partitions, youll always reach the one which is higher in the list.


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Why is the phone and UDP DN

Why is the phone and UDP DN in different partition? usually you want the UDP to be the same DN as the phone for hot desking hence you put it in the same partition, which makes it a shared line. Having them in different partitions makes them completely different DNs.



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Dear Chris,If i dont keep

Dear Chris,

If i dont keep them in different partition then the international privilege which is been assigned to the line will be miss used by the employees after office hrs. so this the reason i have to create a different partiton.

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Calling privilage has nothing

Calling privilage has nothing to do with parrition on the DN, CSS is what controls outbound calling privilage from the phone. Partition controls who can reach this DN.


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Hello Chris,If i keep them in

Hello Chris,

If i keep them in one partition, and on the line if specified a CSS of international, now the user phone line has privilege to call international in user absence, BY keeping them in different partition i can apply CSS international for profile and only internal calling on the LINE.

please correct me if i am not understanding what you are trying to explain.


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Use device level CSS rather

Use device level CSS rather than DN CSS then to control different outbound calling access.


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Dear Chris,If i am not wrong

Dear Chris,

If i am not wrong you are pointing to Phone CSS Generally i have a question in my mind that what a Phones(device) CSS does apart from the line CSS.

Can you explain short example for scenario where the phones CSS effect??


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Phone and DN CSS are

Phone and DN CSS are concatenated when both are assigned, where the CSS applied to the DN on a phone has higher preference. The most typical case for applying both is "device/line approach" for building classes of restrictions where you assign routing CSS to the device (CSS with access to routing patterns) and then blocking CSS to the DN in order to block let's say international dialing. This approach allows you to considerebly reduce number of required paritions and CSSes in your deployment. For more details you can refer to UC SRND which describes it in great detail with examples and nice diagrams.

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