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Using Feature Access Code (FAC) for callforwarding to Mobile phones


One of our customer using Callmanager Express 4.0.2

The IOS version of the router is 12.4(11)T which support the FAC feature.

The customer would like use an shortdial code to forward his call to his mobile.

For example on extension 660 the will use #1660 to put the ext 660 in callforward to his mobile 047123456.

I have tried to configure this, but it reports the the amount of digits are to long. It seems that this can only work for internal numbers.

Can somebody advise how I can configure this feature for Mobile phones.

Thanks Ronald

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Re: Using Feature Access Code (FAC) for callforwarding to Mobile

Hi Ronald,

Maybe you are running into the Call Forward Max Length setting. Have a look;

The following example restricts the number of digits that a phone user can enter using the CFwdAll soft key to four. In this example, extensions in the phone user's Cisco CME system have four digits, so that means that the user can use the IP phone to forward all calls to any extension in the system, but not to any number outside the system.

ephone-dn 1

number 5001

call-forward max-length 4

From this doc;

Also here is a good example for using FAC's for CFWD All;

The following example shows how the standard FAC for the Call Forward All feature is changed to a custom FAC (#45). Then an alias is created to map a second custom fac to #45 plus an extension (1111). The second custom FAC (#44) allows the phone user to press #44 to forward all calls all calls to extension 1111, without requiring the phone user to dial the extra digits that are the extension number.

Router# telephony-service

Router(config-telephony)# fac custom callfwd all #45

fac callfwd all code has been configured to #45

Router(config-telephony)# fac custom alias 0 #44 to #451111

fac alias0 code has been configurated to #44!

alias0 map code has been configurated to #451111!

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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