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UWL License cucm 8


We purchased UWL STD licenses for CUCM 8.6 ( at the time of purchased we assumed that UWL licenses will contain CUCM, Unity Connection & Presence licenses).

From cisco we got only one PAK key with product name CUCM-UWL-PAK & when we applied it for licenses on, its showed that this license is for CUCM only.

1- I need to know how can i use the purchased UWL STD licenses for Call Manager, Voice Messaging & Presence ?

2- As we got only one PAK key with product name " CUCM-UWL-PAK " is that right for all UWL features ? or for Voice Messaging we should receive another PAK starting with UCXN8-UWL-PAK ?

3- Is there any option to split the UWL licenses into CUCM, Voice Messaging & Presence ?




Cisco Employee

You should be directing this

You should be directing this questions to the pre-sales team, CSC is mainly a technical forum.



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Hi Jaime,Its was already

Hi Jaime,

Its was already raised to our pre-sales team & cisco licensing team as well but we are really facing tough time to get the exact details & PAK for voice messaging. The problem is, this order was placed 4Years back (2010). As much i know from we can get the details of orders that placed 6months ago not more then that ..

If you can answer above questions will be appreciated, because based on the answers of my above questions i can exactly point out to the cisco licensing team to get the PAK for unity connection.

I have got following from my sales team:

CUWL-LIC-STD-K9              Unified Workspace Licensing - Top Level for STD
UWL-UPG-CM+UTY-STD    Upgrade from UCM + Unity to STD

Apologize to ask wrong question in this form, if some body can help will be appreciated.


My understanding is that UWL

My understanding is that UWL-UPG-CM+UTY-STD will cover upgrading your licenses from the original Windows Unity version to Unity Connection as well as upgrade CUCM 4.x licenses to CUWL.

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Thank Brian,Then in this case

Thank Brian,

Then in this case UWL-UPG-CM+UTY-STD is not useful at the moment, because my client already has unity connection 8.x & CUCM 8.x

Any idea about CUCM-UWL & CUWL-LIC-STD-K9 ?

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Hi Brian,I am not getting a

Hi Brian,

I am not getting a way to speak with license team or explain them to get voice messaging license .. cisco license team shared the PAK (against order no) which contains CUCM license only, i need to confirm that am i eligible to get voice messaging license with CUCM-UWL licenses or not ? If i am eligible i will talk back to them but if i am not then i should stop here.

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