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VCS Local database Authentication

Hi Everyone,



As my subject above,

I want to set my VCS Expressway's Authentication to use Local Database,

So all user (either H323 and SIP) must have valid username and password to do registration with my VCS Expressway,

In Cisco's guide Cisco_VCS_Authenticating_Devices_Deployment_Guide_X7-0 said that I must go to VCS configuration > Authentication > Devices > Configuration and change Database Type to Local Database,

But the problem is I can not find this menu in my VCS Expressway,

Attached screen capture from my VCS Expressway.

How can I set the Database Type if I can not find this important menu?

My VCS Expressway software is x7.2.2. 

Please advise :(






VIP Purple

Hello Ovindo -Because you're

Hello Ovindo -

Because you're running a VCS with X7.2.2 software, and using an guide that's meant for X7.0, what you're looking for has changed since that guide.

Please take a look at the X7.2.2 release notes on page 10, "Device Authentication".

You should be using this device authentication guide for your version of VCS software.

Hi Patrick, thanks for your

Hi Patrick,


thanks for your advise,

but this Guide said that Note that the same credentials can be used by more than one endpoint - you do not need to have a separate entry in the database for each endpoint,

How if I want to one Credential is just can be use for one user?

it means that each user (either H323 and SIP) must have their own credential for registration,

I'm not using TMS,

I want those credentials is from VCS Expressway's Local Database.

Is it possible to do that scenario?





VIP Purple

I've registered several

I've registered several endpoints using one account without issue, so it shouldn't be a problem.  It's up to you if you choose to use one account for several endpoints, or create individual accounts for each.  Just create the account(s) in the VCS's local database and follow the steps in the guide on setting the authentication rules for each zone or subzone on the VCS.

Hi Patrick, Ok I got it,But I

Hi Patrick,


Ok I got it,

But I mean that one account is just for one endpoint only,

For example :

Acount A --> Just for --> Endpoint A

Acount B --> Just for --> Endpoint B

Endpoint C --> Can not use Acount A at the same time if Endpoint A already registered with this Acount A.

Is it possible?





VIP Purple

Both endpoints can be used at

Both endpoints can be used at the same time, the device authentication is used just for registration, so as long as the account is authenticated and is correct, the endpoint will be allowed to register.  The account will not affect calls made by either endpoint, just registration to the VCS.