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VG224 and BAT load question

Hi all -

Running CUCM 7.1.3 and I'm trying to set up a BAT install of a VG224 SCCP gateway.  I can get this to work every time with just a basic BAT CSV file(includes MAC, Description, Slot, Subunit,Port Directory Number, Port Number, Port Description) which is good.  However, we have about 30 VG224's to install and I need to ensure that the BAT file includes the ASCII, Alerting and Descrition and Mask information for line 1.  When I add these columns to the csv file I get an error (which changes slightly as I work on adjusting the column header or contents (error now is ---> Ascii text label 1(Record Number 1) 2004 ASCII Line Text Label is blank  <---  )

I'm not quite sure what I have missed.  I believe the CSV file is right but clearly this is not working.

Does anyone have a CSV format for an SCCP VG-224 BAT load that includes all the alerting and name information that works or could someone point me in the right direction?  I have gone through the docs but I just cannot locate the answer.



Community Member

Re: VG224 and BAT load question

Hi Les,

Probably the column heading for the ASCII Line text label is something different than what CUCM expects. To be sure, you use BAT.xlt and generate a sample file with the columns you need (that's what I just did to get rid of my 2004 error regarding some ASCII Field).

BTW: Are you sure you can use that Line Text Label on a VG224 Port? Why don't you just leave it out?



Re: VG224 and BAT load question

Thanks david -

I had figured this out but you were right.  For all the patient rooms at our hospitals we want all line and caller ID fields populated.  I needed to be able to have a BAT file that would accomplish that.  I had done an export of a VG224 port but could not get the actual verbiage of the headings right.  After a few attempts I did get is.  You are right - I do not need the "Line Text Label" field.

I now have a working BAT file .xls format that is easy to fill in and will populate all the fields I require (and the template does the rest).

Best regards,


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