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VG224 and broadcast tool STI 2 interface


I am looking for a VG224 configuration in order to use a Broadcast tools STI 2 interface (it is an auto-answer interface:

I have a VG224 configuration in SCCP protocol which works but not with a recent VG224 (there are 1 or 2 years apart).

Is there any change of component between two series of VG224?

I put the same configuration on two VG224. With the old one, the STI interface detects the ring tone and it picks up the call. With a recent VG224, the STI interface do not detects the ring tone.

Someone has already use a Broadcast Tools interface?

Thanks for your help



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Did you try measuring the

Did you try measuring the idle and ring voltages on the 2 different VG224s and see if there is any difference?  Are they both running the same code version as well?  How about hardware revision?

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Thanks Brian for your answer

Thanks Brian for your answer.

I use the same IOS, vg224-i6s-mz.151-4.M5. It is the same hardware revision.

Tomorrow, I will try to do the measure between the two VG224.

Multimeter should be on DC

Multimeter should be on DC voltage for measuring idle voltage I believe and then on AC for measuring ringing voltage.

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I tried with a VG202. The STI

I tried with a VG202. The STI 2 interface detects the calls but it fails to pick up and I have this logs on the VG202 prompt :

*Mar  1 01:03:39.879: Power alarm on DSP channel ch=129 is ON
0001 0001 **

*Mar  1 01:03:40.891: Power alarm on DSP channel ch=129 is OFF
0001 0000 **

I will get an oscilloscope tomorrow to do the measure on the VG224 gateways.


I found this bug which may

I found this bug which may match those error messages in the log:

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Yes, I found it also.To run

Yes, I found it also.

To run the VG202 with the STI 2 interface :

- I disable a parameter on the STI 2 interface: CPC (Calling party control).

- I configure the VG202 in SCCP in 15.1(4)M8

- the voice port configuration is:

voice-port 0/1
 ring frequency 50
 no battery-reversal
 compand-type a-law
 cptone FR
 timeouts initial 60
 timeouts interdigit 60
 timeouts ringing infinity


So is that working now then?

So is that working now then?

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