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VG224 Busy signal while on call

MGCP vg224

Version 12.4(24)T5

this is not happening with all lines, but on some lines when i try to make an outbound call:

1) get normal dial tone

2) dial the first 3 digits of a 4 digit extension

3) get busy signal on top of dial tone

4) finish 4th digit, call immediately starts ringing (no interdigit timeout issues)

5) call proceeds as normal...except the busy signal is still going while we have a conversation

My default thought was that it was a wiring issue, since we initially had the wrong cable and we saw calls show up as 2 lines in CUCM.  But since then we located and followed this document:

and after rewiring to that document, the fist 10 lines in use are just fine.


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VG224 Busy signal while on call

I have seen this behavior when a customer hasn't fully disconnected the wiring from the PBX they are replacing. Both the PBX and the VG224 may be providing dialtone on the loop.

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VG224 Busy signal while on call

I would like to think that was the problem, but i've already pulled the PBX out and performed the "Office Space" ceremony on it.  plus when i dial 9,1-234-567-8900 the call goes through (with busy signal) and i don't get the typical AT&T error message, so I don't think it's on a POTS either.

I'm at the point where i'm thinking of remaking the cable again and see if that somehow fixes it...mainly because i've run out of ideas.

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