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VG224 description changes

I have configured about 200 VG ports on multiple VGs accross a campus. I need to change the descriptions on these port and would like to find a way to bulk these. I can do an export phones by selecting the directory number (range) and get all the VG ports that I need. I cannot figure a way to import back in and make it work.

Tried the custome file update but that file only identifies the phones to change, just sidesteps the secting process.

I can reimport all my BAT files from the originol insert VG install but will that over ride the existing config?

I have seen the process to do on phones using export/import, but the export will not do VG ports.

Please assist

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VG224 description changes

Not sure about your comfort level with the CLI and SQL/Excel, but here's my thoughts:

1) Run this command from CLI: run sql SELECT name, description FROM device WHERE name LIKE "%VG224%" *** You'll need to updated the name info (where I have VG224) between the quote marks and the field is case sensitive.

2a) Copy the info into a spreadsheet and parse as needed using text to columns feature.  

2b) Change the descriptions as needed.

2c) Create a formula that creates update SQL code.

Here's roughly what my spreadsheet looks like:

Cell A3 = AALN/S2/1@VG224.domain

Cell B3 = FoIP IN - 4457

Formula in C3 = ="run sql UPDATE device SET description="""&B3&""" WHERE name = """&A3&""""

(yes you really need that many quote symbols in there.)

3) paste updated SQL command back to the CLI.

Again not sure of the comfort level of the CLI.   If you have butterflies I wouldn't recommend doing this as you could botch your system pretty easily...   Also depending on your formatting this method of SQL updates may not work.  


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