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VG224 Impedance

Hi all


I am currently experimenting with a VG224 on various line lengths and conditions and so far am highly impressed with the whole unit!


I am in the UK and am trying to set it up as per British Telecom's standards.


With no impedance set on a voice port the side tone is noticeable on a standard corded phone.  If i set it to 900 or 600 c and r it's roughly the same however setting it to complex 1 or 2 makes a huge difference and sounds perfect.  However as I don't fully understand complex1 or 2 what would be the best out of the two be?


BT as a standard use complex3 which unfortunately does not seem to be an option on the VG224 so going by my results so far it's either complex1 or 2 but unsure on which one would be better/worse and what the benefits of one over the other would be


any advice appreciated



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