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VG224 Issue

We have a VG224 gateway registered with CUCM 5.0.MGCP is the protocol governing the gateway.All ports in the gateway are up and working fine.

We have a Siemens modem that is connected to one of the ports of the VG224.It does not communicate with the gateway and its a real trouble.

When we updated with the seimens support team, they said to change the 'gamerate' to 3.What is it all about!!!?

Have anyone come across this kind of problem ?Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Re: VG224 Issue

With modem or faxes, you best choice is an FXS port on the router. Anything else is source of trouble and frustration.

What siemens is talking about, only they may know.

Re: VG224 Issue

Hi Joseph,

What version are you on? We've had some problems with MGCP T38 recently.


mgcp modem passhthrough nse codec g711ulaw

no mgcp package fxr

no mgcp default-package fxr

What type of device are you trying to fax to? What type of fax is it configured for?

(By the way, faxing on the VG224 is an FXS on a router. There is no difference.)



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Re: VG224 Issue

(By the way, faxing on the VG224 is an FXS on a router. There is no difference.)

Oh no, a FXS VG224 goes through RTP and more stuff. A FXS on a router enjoys codec bypass. You can't compare the stability of the two.

Re: VG224 Issue

In the case that you have a H323 or SIP PRI with an FXS port on the same router, yes - local bypass will take effect.

I would say this is a pretty low percentage of cases.

If either the PRI or port is controlled by SCCP or MGCP, or the FXS and outgoing PSTN are on different routers then it is the same. I would say this is the vast majority of configuration that I see.

We even see cases where we have to disable local bypass to get faxing to work on FXS, where it will only work with the DSPs involved.

I can understand frustration with faxing on things like the VG248, and especially the ATA, but VG224's are pretty good at faxing. The problems that you're more likely to work with are MGCP and SCCP related fax problem than any type of VG224 specific problem.


Re: VG224 Issue

I had a similar issue when faxing to a fax server. All other faxes would go through fine except those destined for a remote fax server. I added the following commands on the sccp/vg224, which resolved our issue.

voice service voip

fax protocol pass-through g711ulaw

modem passthrough nse codec g711ulaw

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