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VG224 Not working

We have CM 4.1

We changed carriers from one lec to another. Now lines on the VG224 are not showing the masked main number when dialing out. Also, prior to the conversion to the new LEC, we were able to dial 4 digits to get internally to the vg224. Now when I dial the 4 digit, it rings. When I dial the 7 digit number of the analog line, I can connect to it.

I have reset/restarted the vg224. Is there something on the configuration of the vg224 or the callmanager that needs to be changed? Could it be that they are sending me 7 digits now that could cause this? Now on some of my fax machines cannot dial external. Inbound works fine but only on certain faxes. Cabling?

New Member

Re: VG224 Not working

Is there an web interface page that shows the telephone icon on hook or offhook? I have not been in this in a long time and not local to the callmanager or vg224.

Re: VG224 Not working

You can browse to the ip address of your call manager. It seems that with the change of the LEC some of your configurations on the system. Sounds like your external mask needs to be addressed as well as some sort of translation necessary to enable the 4 digit dialing.

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Re: VG224 Not working

I see the vg224 from call manager and am able to browse to the vg224 by ip.

Do you mean our CM translations?

Weird I can dial the vg224 extension by 7 digit number and get to it but no longer by the 4 digit number. I changed the DN to the 7 digit and still works dialing 7 digit.

thanks for your assistance

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